How to be a Smarter House BuyerJon Charters-Reid

How do I become a smarter house buyer?Years of knowledge

One of Yorkshire's top surveyors shares his tips, trade secrets and opinions in a book for buyers. Outspoken and highly qualified, Jon Charters-Reid is never short of sound advice or strong opinions on his specialised subject. Property.

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Ideal reading for: House Buyers / House Builders / Bankers / Estate Agents / Solicitors / Mortgage Advisors / Developers / Students

Are you buying or selling a house? Then you need my book.

Packed full of tips, it's not your usual buyers manual thanks to a rigorous examination of the housing market, which Jon believes is broken. "This is mainly due to the activities of the corporate world. Big business and national government have both contributed to a market that is overly complex, insufficiently regulated and that fails to work on a local level," he says.

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One of Yorkshire's top surveyors shares his tips, trade secrets and opinions in a book for buyers.

It is no surprise that the former joiner and building site manager, who is now a chartered surveyor and chartered building engineer, has added “author” to his CV with his newly-published book “How to be a Smarter House Buyer”.

Woodwork, building, electrical, plumbing, and more. Jon Charters-Reid's knowledge in the industry is varied. All of the listed came with the same promise of quality, dedication, and most circumstances, this was not the case!

Unlicensed and uninsured, Jon has a keen eye for defects and faults.

“A standard property valuation is not a survey and will not spot any potential or current problems with the property. If you are getting a free valuation “survey” from your mortgage provider, this won't be sufficient to find any damp, window frame decay, roof problems, pest infestations, subsidence, building cracks or defects.”

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What is in my book? Why do you need it?

Contains trade secrets and pitfalls to avoid

Understand how the housing market works, how to spot property bubbles and the opportune moment

How interest rates affect the mortgage market

Tips from a popular solicitor

Reveals the challenge of accurate house pricing

Why choosing a local agent to sell matters and why to avoid out of town online agents

Protect the most expensive item you will probably ever buy

Discover why the housing market is faulty and how you can navigate round it

Learn how high street lenders are ripping you off

Discover the snakes and ladders of house price negotiation

Why a survey is SO important when buying a property

Reviews from customers

“As a painter & decorator and been in the trade for almost 32 years, you tend to think you know a good bit to what there is in the housing market!! the do and dont's in and outs! It felt like he was one of those magicians giving the game away how it all works and steering us through it with his help! The graphics fonts and type settings are great makes it a really easy read. This book has revelations we all should know so give it a go if your interested in house buying developing or first time buying it's got to save you a few quid . I'd love to contact the author if he's bringing volume 2 out soon”

“I am Estate Agent with 10 years experience. It is refreshing to read a common sense approach to buying and selling property.
I will be recommending that my clients read this book before putting their property on the market, or completing a property purchase.”

“Bought this book when it was first published. It is very informative and very easy to read. The large text helps with this! Jon gives lots of information about the pitfalls of buying a property. It really helped me have more of an understanding of the whole process.
The book is also amusing to read.I particularly liked the part that referred to a roofer who was putting roof slates on a property the wrong way! I would recommend the book and Jons advice on property in general.”


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